Firethorn bonsai for sale

A firethorn bonsai blooms rich in May-June with white flowers in dense florescences. This makes it well suited for styling of flowering bonsai. As well as the flowers the orange-red apple fruits of firethorn bonsai very decorative. They remain very long on the Bonsai tree. Often up to next spring. The Mediterranean firethorn (Pyracantha coccinea) is an evergreen, densely branched shrub with mostly 3 m, sometimes up to 5m plant height.

As a bonsai the firethorn is hard against short periods of dryness and does not tolerate waterlogging. Nevertheless, it should be watered regularly. They should be planted in a very loose substrate. A sunny to partially shaded location is preferred. Pyracantha coccinea tolerates low temperatures in winter for a short period well.