Cotoneaster bonsai for sale

Cotoneaster Bonsai are very popular Bonsai. By their very good cutting behavior, the small leaves, its nice flowers and fruits it is suitable for the design of small and super small bonsai. A cotoneaster bonsai is a prime pick for a bonsai beginner.

The cotoneaster is an evergreen, broadleaf shrub. It is native in Europe. The cotoneaster bonsai is very decorative in April through its wide, white-red flower and in late summer and autumn by its numerous, small, apple-like fruit.

A cotoneaster bonsai is hard enought for a typical winter in Mid europe. I.e. a cold winter, e.g. in unheated foil tent, deep temperatures are no problem. Frosts down to -10 ° C over a short period of time are well tolerated.