Chinese quince, Bonsai, 35 years, 75cm

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35 years old Chinese quince in a bonsai pot. This bonsai tree is approx. 75cm high.

The Chinese quince (botanical Pseudocydonia sinensis, Rosaceae family) is popular as a bonsai because of its delicate pink flowers (bloom in May) and the big fruits. It grows quickly so it is easy to style an attractive, thick trunk and a nice bonsai crown in a short period of time.

A Chinese quince bonsai is hardy in winter and tolerates in a plastic tent temperatures down to -5°C at minimum.

As the bonsai a Chinese quince prefers a well drained, nutrient-rich substrate and a sunny location in summer.

When ordering, you will always get the bonsai displayed on the picture (no. 351-03).

Important note on the size: A bonsai is a tree in a bonsai pot. For this reason the size of the bonsai is in every case the size with the bonsai pot.

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