Brush cherry bonsai

Syzygium bonsai are well suited as indoor bonsai. Indoor Syzygium should be kept very light, not too hot and not too damp in winter. Even light frosts be tolerated. Syzygium bonsai are well suited for beginners.

Syzygium buxifolium (botanical also Eugenia buxifolia) is a small flowering tree originated in China (south-east), Japan and Vietnam. It grows in sparse forests up to an altitude of 1000m. The typical average temperature in its natural habitat in summer is 15°C and 5°C in winter (it can fall below 0°C).

Syzygium buxifolium are evergreen bonsai trees. The foliage is similar, as the name suggests, to buxus, but is something finer. The small white flowers of that bonsai tree appears from June to September, followed by small black fruits in October to December.