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Ligustrum bonsai are fast growing indoor bonsai ✅ and so well suited for beginners ✅

A ligustrum (Privet) bonsai is easy to maintain and therefore well suited for beginners. It is a widely used and popular indoor bonsai. The Chinese privet Bonsai (Ligustrum sinensis) is suitable in UK only as indoor bonsai, because the tree is not hardy. In winter a bright, not too warm location is important. Directly on window is best. If the Ligustrum bonsai slowly accustomed to the sun a full sunny location outdoor is possible in summer.

In the summertime always keep the bonsai moist. A Chinese privet needs a lot of water in summer. Repot the tree in early spring (early March). Due to strong growth a Ligustrum bonsai needs sufficient amounts of fertilizer from March to September.

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Ligustrum bonsai - Pictures

Selection of Ligustrum bonsai for import

Selection of Ligustrum bonsai for import

Ligustrum Bonsai - cutting after import (2nd cut in June)

Ligustrum Bonsai - cutting after import

Ligustrum after cutting

Ligustrum Bonsai after cutting