Jade tree bonsai for sale

Jade tree as a bonsai: General

The jade tree is an easy to maintain, durable bonsai and it is popular for designing as a bonsai. Jade trees are suitable as indoor bonsai.

In UK the jade tree bonsai can be kept in the winter just as an indoor bonsai. Temperatures should not fall below 6°C. Kept as an indoor bonsai the location should be very bright. Right on the window is perfect.

Advantages of Jade tree (botanical Crassula) for bonsai styling

  • Adapted to a dry habitat, the jade tree does not need too much water.
  • Crassula is an easy to handle plant, tolerates cutting well, is well suited for beginners.
  • Low annual grow = not too much pruning is required
  • You can style your Crassula without wire, only with cutting

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