Ficus bonsai for sale

A Ficus bonsai is uncomplicated and is suitable as a bonsai for beginners or as a gift. Ficus bonsai have great aerial roots and hardly any pests.

What are the advantages of a ficus for bonsai design ?

  • Ficus bonsai species tolerates cutting very well. A fig tree sprouts well again after pruning the bonsai.
  • Ficus bonsai are evergreen. So you can enjoy the bonsai tree all year round.
  • As an easy-care bonsai, a Ficus bonsai is well suited for beginners or as a gift.
  • A Ficus likes a lot of light but it tolerates low light places. Nevertheless - keep as bright as possible.
  • Many bonsai styles are easy to create. The often existing aerial roots look very attractive.
  • Ficus bonsai trees are hardly affected by pests and are not susceptible to disease.

Ficus bonsai for sale

We buy Ficus bonsai tree directly from the producer (see pictures at the bottom of this page). The plants arrive in Wenddorf in early spring and will be completely restyled over the summer. From august we will then put the new trees in our shop.

Here you can buy your Ficus bonsai. Orders on weekdays until 14 o'clock are still shipped on the same day. You get exactly the Ficus bonsai you selected in the shop. Safely packed. Have fun choosing.

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Fig tree (Ficus) bonsai care in a nutshell:

Wiring: Branches are easily bendable and easy to shape. So the application of bonsai wire and the forming is easy for beginners

Fertilisation: Give during the growing season a common organic bonsai fertilizer (like the japanese Biogold, Hanagokoro, Liquid bonsai fertilizer)

Irrigation: Moderate, that means not too wet and not too dry. A ball shower for bonsai is well suited for irrigation of an indoor bonsai

Pruning: Prune a ficus bonsai twice in May and July with a sharp bonsai scissors. For removing stonger branches use a concave bonsai cutter. It is best to seal larger wounds with wound closure sealant

Overwintering: Place a fig tree bonsai in the apartment on a very bright place. Best is direct in front of a window

Repotting: Repot a ficus bonsai at the beginning of March into a well drained bonsai soil (e.g. Akadama)

Ficus Bonsai - Pictures from buying in China:

Ficus bonsai - import - ficus bonsai in the field

Ficus Bonsai - import - selection from the producer

Ficus Bonsai - Stock pictures

Ficus Bonsai - Stock pictures

Ficus Bonsai - Stock pictures