Bonsai expert advice if needed <br/> Our experience - your advantage

Bonsai expert advice if needed
Our experience - your advantage

Own production of bonsai<br/>Direct import = small prices

Own production of bonsai
Direct import = small prices

Immediate Shipping to Europe<br/>Right to return and exchange

Immediate Shipping to Europe
Right to return and exchange

All major payment methods<br/>SSL-Encryption = Your Security

All major payment methods
SSL-Encryption = Your Security

Ficus bonsai for sale

Ficus Bonsai: Easy care indoor bonsai, good for beginners or as a gift ✅ Great aerial roots, hardly any pests or diseases ✅

Ficus bonsai tree - Advantages:

  • Ficus types are very well cut-compatible. A bonsai sprouts well again after pruning.
  • Ficus bonsai trees are evergreen. So they can enjoy the tree all year round.
  • As an easy-care bonsai, a Ficus tree is well suited for beginners or as a gift.
  • Although he likes a lot of light, a ficus with relative light gets along well. Nevertheless - keep as bright as possible.
  • Many styles, even cascades, are easy to create. The often existing aerial roots look very attractive.
  • Ficus bonsai trees are hardly affected by pests and are not susceptible to disease.

Ficus Bonsai for sale

We buy Ficus Bonsai directly from the producer in China (see pictures at the bottom of this page). The plants arrive in Wenddorf in early spring and will be completely restyled over the summer. From August we will then put the new trees in our shop.

Here you can choose your Ficus bonsai. Orders on weekdays until 14 o'clock are still shipped on the same day. You get exactly the bonsai you selected in the shop. Safely packed. Have fun choosing.

Ficus Bonsai - Pictures from buying in China:

Ficus bonsai - import - ficus bonsai in the field

Ficus Bonsai - import - selection from the producer

Ficus Bonsai - Stock pictures

Ficus Bonsai - Stock pictures

Ficus Bonsai - Stock pictures