Bonsai pot 70x52.5x23cm antique-brown rectangular unglaced

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Bonsai pot (unglaced, antique-brown, rectangular), handmade, with the size of: 70cm length, 52.5cm width, 23cm height.

Quality: High quality handmade bonsai pot.
Purpose: This bonsai pot was densely fired in a gas kiln. This makes it very resistant to frost in winter and so it can be primarily used for potting outdoor bonsai trees.

Length: 70cm
Width: 52.5cm
Height: 23cm
Height of the bonsai pot (Inside): 18.5cm

Glace: Unglaced
Color: Antique-brown (Color may have slight variations)
Shape: Rectangular

Drainage holes: Available. Good drainage reduces root damage (root rot).

Production method: The body of this handmade bonsai pot was created with the help of a plaster mould. Than the raw body was smoothed acurately by hand. During drying it was corrected several times. Than it was burned in a gas kiln at a temperature of about 1230°C.
Material: Special clay for bonsai pots from Yixing

If not differently declared the length data are outside dimensions. Due to the manufacturing process, deviations in the dimensions are minimal.

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