Expanded slate 1-3mm 2 liters

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Granules made from burnt slate as an additive for bonsai soil.

Expanded slate is burned at 1300°C, then broken and sieved. It is very suitable as an additive for bonsai soil mixtures.


  • Very good air and water flow: Very good root growth as the basis for a healthy bonsai.
  • Reduces soil compaction: water can run off easily. There is no waterlogging.
  • Optimum drainage: Helps prevent root rot by providing the roots with the best possible oxygen supply.
  • Grey-brown colour: Matches the bonsai soil. Doesn't look uncomfortable in color.
  • Structurally stable: does not crumble even after years. The drainage is preserved.
  • Biologically and chemically neutral: does not negatively affect the pH value.
  • Free from pathogens: Less disease infestation after repotting

Grain size: 1-3mm
Content: 2 liters

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