Liquid organic bonsai fertilizer, Cuxin, 250ml

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Cuxin organic bonsai liquid fertilizer for all kind of bonsai. Due to the organically bound active ingredients, the mild Cuxin bonsai fertilizer leads to a balanced bonsai growth.

This fertilizer is also suitable for fertilization in the autumn and supports the winter hardiness of your bonsai. Since the organic raw materials are slowly converted in the soil, the salinisation of the bonsai soil is excluded.

Special fertilizer for bonsai with 3% total nitrogen, 4% phosphate, 6% potassium, 1% calcium, 0.02% iron, 0.012% manganese and 0.007% copper. The organic content is 50%.

Also suitable for all other indoor plants (eg cacti, succulents, orchids).

Content: 250ml. Suitable for approx. 80l of water.

Dosage: 1/2 cap (about 3-5ml) on 1 liter of water

Application: During the growth phase, pour the fertilizer solution once a week

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