Bonsaischule Wenddorf - About us

Bonsai School Wenddorf was founded in 1994. The most important goal from the beginning was the cultivation of high quality bonsai raw material.


There are only very few experiences in Europe with that. Therefore all techniques had to be worked out independently from the beginning. Most of the bonsai friends have that already learned themselves: Bonsai styling is a long and arduous way.

Styling of bonsai raw material

Today, more than 20 years later, we are our target already one step closer. More than 10000 Bonsai with very good roots and nice stem shows that.

Styling of bonsai raw material

Bonsaischule Wenddorf - Bonsai pot stock

On the other side we sell bonsai and accessories since 1999 via Internet.




At the very beginning the stock was small.




Today it changes totally. We have several 10000 pots of all quality level in stock.

Bonsaischule Wenddorf Pot stock 2015

Today we send out several thousand online order. For us it is very important: Each order should leave the company immediately.

Shipment of Bonsai with DPD and DHL

To be able to offer you best prices we import almost all products per container directly from the manufacturer, mostly located in China, Japan, Taiwan but also european countries like Spain.

Bonsaischalen Container unload

We buy indoor bonsai from specialized importers. We choose the best pieces for you out of many thousand plants.

Bonsai Import

A lot of bonsai workshop were held in our company. Well known bonsai stylists like Jürgen Zaar, Christian Przybylski, Vaclav Novak, Hans Reinelt, Horst Krekeler, Dietmar Ansorge demonstrate who to style a bonsai. A lot of bonsai enthusiasts learned here the basic steps.

Bonsai Workshop in Bonsaischule Wenddorf



The team of the Bonsaischule Wenddorf wish you much fun on our website.