Bonsai expert advice if needed <br/> Our experience - your advantage

Bonsai expert advice if needed
Our experience - your advantage

Own production of bonsai<br/>Direct import = small prices

Own production of bonsai
Direct import = small prices

Immediate Shipping to Europe<br/>Right to return and exchange

Immediate Shipping to Europe
Right to return and exchange

All major payment methods<br/>SSL-Encryption = Your Security

All major payment methods
SSL-Encryption = Your Security

Large bonsai pots: 45cm to XXL, handmade or plastic


Large pots for bonsai can be made of ceramic, plastic or concrete (see pictures at bottom of page). Making large ceramic bonsai pots is not easy. High stresses occur in the pot during both drying and firing. Such an big, XXL bonsai pot can easily break or deform during production. It takes a lot of skill for this not to happen. Pots for Bonsai: Large, larger, XXL

Our large bonsai pots are handmade from ceramic (with or without glaze) or plastic. The large plastic bonsai pots are UV, impact and 100% frost resistant. A good, handmade bonsai pot over 45cm has a proud price. Plastic pots are a good alternative in the rearing phase.

Correction of a leather-hard blank. This large bonsai pot is about 1.30m tall. Bonsai pot XXL: Correction of a leather-hard blank

Large concrete bonsai pot, Botanical Garden Shanghai. This bonsai garden is worth seeing. Large concrete bonsai pot in Shanghai Botanical Garden

XXL bonsai pot made of clay (ca. 2,50m big). The weight of similarly large bonsai pots can be up to 700kg. Large XXL bonsai pots made of clay