Inexpensive bonsai pots for sale

Inexpensive bonsai pots for indoor and outdoor bonsai, ceramic or plastic. We import these bonsai pots for many years in large quantities by container from Asia. This cost-effective transportation is the main reason why we can offer these bonsai pots to such low level prices.

These inexpensive ceramic bonsai pots are slip cast made with liquid clay. This effective manufacturing process is the 2nd reason why these bonsai pots are particularly favorable. The body of such a slip cast bonsai pot was created with the help of a plaster mould. After drying it was burned in a tunnel kiln at a temperature of 1100°C. In addition to the drainage holes they usually have holes for fixing the root ball with wire.

Our plastic bonsai pots are produced by injection molding, are frost resistant and through the direct import also very favorable.

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