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Linden tree (Tilia) prebonsai: Robust, hardy, popular, perfect suited for outdoor bonsai styling

Linden prebonsai

The small-leaved lime is very suitable for bonsai styling. This linden has small leaves, is as a bonsai extremely cut-tolerated and a Common lime bonsai is recommended for beginners because it is easy to maintain. Lime trees are particularly suitable for large bonsai (>50cm).

Following a sharp cut linden get lots of new buds. A linden tree bonsai can be repeatedly cut during the year. This makes it easy to style bonsai. Linden wood is soft and can be bent sharply. The small-leaved lime (Tilia cordata) is suitable for many bonsai styles, particularly broom style, formal and unformal upright style. In addition, linden bonsai tolerates a complete leaf cut well.