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Bonsai expert advice if needed
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Own production of bonsai
Direct import = small prices

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Immediate Shipping to Europe
Right to return and exchange

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All major payment methods
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Boxelder maple (Acer negundo) prebonsai: Fast growing, hardy, not often offered

Boxelder maple prebonsai

The Boxelder (also Ash maple, Ash-leaved maple, Acer negundo) is rarely styled as a bonsai and not often offered by bonsai shops. A Boxelder bonsai grows fast and is absolut hardy. Protected against drying a ash maple bonsai can withstand long periods of freezing in winter well. A sunny position is important for that tree. A well-permeable substrate, as well as a constant humidity without excessive wetting is fine for a Acer negundo bonsai.

This maple is a deciduous, naturally upright growing tree, is native to North America and is widely common in Europe. The flowers and feathery leaves of boxelders are impressive in the spring.