Bonsai expert advice if needed <br/> Our experience - your advantage

Bonsai expert advice if needed
Our experience - your advantage

Own production of bonsai<br/>Direct import = small prices

Own production of bonsai
Direct import = small prices

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Immediate Shipping to Europe
Right to return and exchange

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All major payment methods
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Satsuki Azalea prebonsai (Rhododendron indicum) - Spectacular flowers, Strong trunks, great roots (Nebari)

Azalea prebonsai

Japanese Satsuki Azalea Prebonsai (botanically Rhododendron indicum, family Ericaceae) are perfect for styling your own flower bonsai. Satsuki azalea bloom as prebonsai from May to June. The 2-3cm small leaves of the prebonsai are also perfect.

Another reasons for Azalea prebonsai are: Tolerates hard pruning very well, most prebonsai of Satsuki Azalea have strong trunks. These prebonsai are hardy (down to -10°C or lower).

We import the offered prebonsai directly from Japanese nurseries. Rhododendron indicum like a semi-shaded location. Use Kanuma Bonsai soil for potting of Satsuki Prebonsai.