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Bonsai, Ficus, Fig tree, Ficus retusa, 12 years, 51cm

Bonsai, Ficus, Fig tree, Ficus retusa, 12 years, 51cm
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Description of this bonsai

12 years old fig tree in a glaced bonsai pot. This tree is approx. 51cm high and we deliver it with a saucer plate.

Bonsai fig tree (Banyan fig, Ficus retusa) are well suited for styling as a Bonsai and is an easy to handle indoor bonsai. A Ficus is well suited for bonsai beginner or as a gift.

The banyan fig (botanical Ficus retusa, family Moraceae) is originated in South- and Southeast asia. In nature the tree is fast growing up to 15m height.

At a high air humidity the fig forms many attractive air roots. A bright location and regularly watering is the basis for a long life of this uncomplicated indoor bonsai.

Fig trees bonsai tolerates cutting very well. Ficus Bonsai are rarely attacked by pests and disease are not vulnerable.

When ordering, you will always get the bonsai displayed on the picture (no. 121-27).

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