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Ficus Bonsai (Banyan fig tree): Well known and popular. An easy to maintain indoor bonsai for beginners.

Ficus Bonsai - General:

Bonsai fig tree (Ficus), particularly the small-leaved species such as the Banyan fig (Ficus retusa) are well suited for styling as a Bonsai. Likewise, the attitude of the Ficus as indoor bonsai (= indoor bonsai) is straightforward. A Ficus is a good beginner bonsai tree.

The advantages of ficus bonsai are

  • Fig trees bonsai tolerates cutting very well. A ficus bonsai gets quickly new buds after pruning.
  • Ficus Bonsai are evergreen. So you have pleasure with your fig bonsai all year round.
  • As an easy to maintain bonsai a ficus is very suitable for beginners or as a gift.
  • He likes a lot of light but a ficus bonsai tolerates partial shade. Nevertheless - place your bonsai as bright as possible.
  • Many style forms, even cascades are possible. The often existing aerial roots look very attractive.
  • Ficus Bonsai are rarely attacked by pests and disease are not vulnerable.
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