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Bonsai expert advice if needed
Our experience - your advantage

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Own production of bonsai
Direct import = small prices

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Immediate Shipping to Europe
Right to return and exchange

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All major payment methods
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Chinese elm Bonsai (Ulmus parvifolia): Robust, easy-care beginner's bonsai

Chinese elm

Chinese elms Bonsai (Ulmus parvifolia) are gladly bought. Not without reason. A Bonsai of the Chinese Elm is robust and the care is easy. This tree species is very suitable for bonsai styling. Originated in china and taiwan it is an easy to handle indoor or semi hard outdoor bonsai. Beginners in the hobby Bonsai will have their joy with Ulmus parvifolia (as well as with most other elm species).

A hibernation in a bright, cool location is good for elms tree bonsai. In summer, this bonsai tree species thanks an outdoor location with vigorous growth (10-15cm in 4 weeks is not unusual). Ulmus parvifolia is a bonsai that forgives many care and design error.