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Chinese pepper tree (Zanthoxylum): Indoor bonsai, aromatic fragrance, glossy foliage, suitable for beginner

The Chinese pepper bonsai tree is widely used as a spice in asia. The pepper tree bonsai has a aromatic peppery fragrance. But - it is not, as the name suggests, related to the pepper, but with the citrus plants.

The Chinese pepper bonsai is originated in China (Sichuan) and so it is often called Szechuan pepper tree. Other names are: Flower pepper, Mountain pepper, Japanese pepper, Aniseed pepper, Sansho, Nepal pepper, Indonesian lemon pepper, botanical Zanthoxylum piperitum). This pepper tree has yellow wood and roots and grows in nature up to 3m height.

As a bonsai the Szechuan pepper can be held outdoors in summer. In winter, a cool bright window place is an advantage. Temperatures down to 5°C are well tolerated. This bonsai is easy to maintain and a good choice for beginner.

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