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Boxwood Bonsai: Indoor bonsai, robust, small leaves, tolerates cutting well, suitable for beginners

Boxwood bonsai are known for its good tolerance of strong pruning. Boxwood have small leaves. Bonsai of Boxwood are robust and suitable for beginners. For these reason this tree are often styled as bonsai.

The Harland boxwood (botanical Buxus harlandii) comes from Asia and can be held as pure indoor bonsai all year round or - alternatively - as a cold house plant outdoors (in summer) and chilly in winter (5-10°C in a glass house). Temperatures below 0°C should be avoided if possible.

In the flat a bright location is an advantage. Buxus harlandii tolerate relatively low amounts of light, so that it can stand on a bright north-facing window. Outside in summer a half-shady location is to be preferred. Boxwood bonsai tolerates - with sufficient irrigation - also a sunny location.

You can style a Harland boxwood bonsai only by pruning. Buxus harlandii bonsai trees are very robust and easy to maintain

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