Bonsai trees for sale

Which bonsai trees are suitable ? Answers to frequently asked questions:

We have a lot of bonsai trees for sale. And we ship it to whole europe. If you like to buy a bonsai tree the first time the best is to spend some minutes to read below what is important.

  • Question: Buy a Indoor bonsai tree or an outdoor bonsai ? Answer: If possible they buy an Outdoor bonsai tree. These are adapted to our local climate and are easier to maintain as a bonsai tree after purchase.
  • Question: I would like to purchase an indoor bonsai tree. What is important in care ? Clear answer: Above all light. Place your Indoor bonsai tree as bright as possible. Especially in winter.
  • Question: I would like to buy exactly the Bonsai tree I can see on the article picture. Do I get this bonsai tree with an order ? Answer: Yes. You get exactly the bonsai tree you see on the picture when you buy it. After you have bought this bonsai tree will be automatically deleted from the shop. In the shop you can only purchase bonsai trees that have not yet been bought.
  • Question: Does the bonsai tree safely come to me after a purchase ? Answer: Of course. We have already shipped tens of thousands of bonsai trees without damage. Your Bonsai tree arrives safely packed and fast. Only rarely does damage occur. Then we'll send a replacement or your money back.
  • Question: I would like to buy a robust bonsai tree. Which tree species can be considered ? Answer: Outdoor apple tree bonsai are very robust. Chinese elms are hard and robust if they will properly held.

  • As a specialist dealer and producer, we will be happy to advise you before making a bonsai tree purchase (039363-97721, weekdays 8-18 hrs) and are also available afterwards at any time.