Bonsai expert advice if needed <br/> Our experience - your advantage

Bonsai expert advice if needed
Our experience - your advantage

Own production of bonsai<br/>Direct import = small prices

Own production of bonsai
Direct import = small prices

Immediate Shipping to Europe<br/>Right to return and exchange

Immediate Shipping to Europe
Right to return and exchange

All major payment methods<br/>SSL-Encryption = Your Security

All major payment methods
SSL-Encryption = Your Security

You want to buy a bonsai ? Important information before purchase from a specialist

If you want to buy a bonsai for the first time, you are often overwhelmed by the variety of offers. Many interested people would like to buy a indoor bonsai. But is this a good choice when buying your first bonsai ? What to consider if you want to buy a bonsai - we have tried to collect here a few important questions about buying bonsai and answer from our experience.

Question: Should I buy an Indoor or Outdoor bonsai tree ?

Answer: If possible they decide to buy an outdoor bonsai. These are adapted to our local climate and are easier to maintain as bonsai after purchase.

Question: I would like to purchase an indoor bonsai. What is important in care ?

Clear answer: Above all light. Place every indoor bonsai tree after purchase as bright as possible. Especially in winter when the days are short. When a Indoor bonsai comes after the purchase from a bright greenhouse into a normal apartment, the difference in the light offer is often considerable. The keeping of indoor bonsai works only in a very bright location in the apartment.

Question: I would like to buy a specific bonsai. What do I have to do to get exactly that ?

Answer: Just put it in the shopping cart. You get exactly that bonsai you see in the picture. It is automatically deleted from the shop after the purchase. In the shop you can only buy bonsai that have not yet been ordered by another bonsai friend.

Question: Will the bonsai tree come to me safely after a purchase ?

Answer: Of course. We have already shipped tens of thousands of bonsai trees without damage, a lot of them to UK. Your bonsai tree arrives fast and safely packed. Only rarely does damage occur. Then we'll send a replacement or your money back.

Question: I would like to buy a robust bonsai tree. Which tree species can be considered ?

Answer: Outdoor Apple tree bonsai are very robust. Indoor Chinese elms bonsai or Fig tree bonsai are easy to held.

Question: Can I purchase a bonsai directly at the Bonsai Nursery in Wenddorf ?

Of course you can do. We are open on weekdays from 8-18 o'clock and on Saturday from 10-13 o'clock. You are welcome to choose your bonsai directly in our company. Especially if you want to buy an expensive bonsai we recommend you - come to us. A bonsai live always looks different than on the best picture or video. Besides - if you want to buy a bonsai, we have a much larger selection on site than on the Internet. In the Onlineshop we offer only approx. 20% of our Bonsai to the purchase.

If you would like to visit us on site, we recommend the months of November to February. Then most outdoor bonsai no longer have leaves and can be much better selected. And we have much more time than in the growing season to advise them.

No matter if you want to buy your bonsai in the onlineshop or directly in Wenddorf - as a specialist bonsai dealer, we will be happy to advise you before making a purchase (best is send us an email or give us a call +49 39363 97721, weekdays 8-18 hrs) and are also available afterwards at any time.

You have already bought a bonsai and are looking for help ? In the main menu under Bonsai care you will find many useful advices.