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Mulberry (Morus alba) bonsai: Decorative, edible fruits, well known and popular. Well suited for beginner

The mulberry is a popular bonsai species, well suited for beginners and for bonsai styling due to their tolerance of cutting. The decorative, edible fruits are well known. The mulberry tree blooms from May to June. The flowers are inconspicuous. The color of the fruits can vary from white to reddish and black.

The mulberry (also Silkworm mulberry, botanical Morus alba, family - Moraceae) is a deciduous, small tree with height up to 10 m. Originally from Asia, this species was introduced in Europe as food for the silkworm breeding and now it is widespread in the Mediterranean area.

In the summer, a warm, sunny and sheltered location should be selected. The mulberry like a cool, bright place in winter.

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