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The Mock buckthorn (Sweet-plum, Chinese sweet plum or Sageretia, botanical Sageretia theezans, family Rhamnaceae) is originated in asia and is easy to maintain and therefore well suited for beginners. This indoor bonsai needs a bright place in winter and, if possible, an outdoor place in summer is fine for a healthy bonsai.

If the tree gets enough water and fertilizer it is fast growing. A good time for repotting a Sageretia bonsai is the beginning of march. Due to strong growth a buckthorn bonsai needs sufficient amounts of fertilizer from March to September.

Unfortunately, there are currently no items in this product group in stock. We strive to replenish stock quickly.

Sageretia Bonsai - Stock mid of august after import and pruning

Sageretia Bonsai - Stock after import and pruning

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