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Bonsai (Japanese 盆栽, meaning "planting in a pot") are trees in a bonsai pot that are created using certain techniques.

Here you can buy your bonsai. This means that all bonsai are photographed individually and after ordering in our shop you will get exactly the bonsai tree that you ordered. Your bonsai will be delivered quickly and securely packaged. We send out all orders that we receive in our bonsai nursery on weekdays by 2pm on the same day.

Information on buying and shipping our bonsai can be found at: Bonsai for sale

News from our bonsai nursery

We are often asked what bonsai trees we offer in our nursery in Wenddorf.

That's why we have posted a video from our current stock on our YouTube channel.

Trees that cannot be found in the online shop can be bought directly in Wenddorf (Mon-Fri 8:00-18:00 + Sat 10:00-13:00).

Have fun watching.

We have prepared a detailed article on the subject of repotting a bonsai (why ?, when ?, required tools and materials, step-by-step instructions). Have fun while reading.

Bonsai repotting

Why repot ? When to repot ? Step by step instructions Selection of pots Required tools

If you want to style bonsai successfully, you first and foremost have to think about the care of the bonsai.

Repotting bonsai is one of the most important maintenance techniques and is very important for keeping bonsai trees healthy in the long term. Unfortunately, it is often neglected or incorrectly executed. Repotting the bonsai trees is not complicated, but a simple and basic technique in horticulture.

Essentially, you have to repot at the right time, choose a suitable bonsai pot and use the right bonsai soil. On this page we have tried to summarize the points that should be considered when repotting bonsai. Before we go into detail, it should first be explained why bonsai have to be repotted at all.

Why is repotting bonsai important ?

Bonsai are living things. They are constantly changing, both above and below ground. In order to grow and thrive, they need energy (obtained through photosynthesis in the leaves and stored in sugars) and nutrients, which they take from the soil. In order to be able to absorb the nutrients, they need many roots. These are constantly re-forming in the soil.

Since there is only a limited space available in the bonsai pot, the entire bonsai substrate in the pot will be rooted through after a certain time. This creates a problem: there is no more space for new roots.

If you are interested, the full article can be found at:   Bonsai repot

Bonsaischule Wenddorf - Profile

Our Bonsainursery, today located in Wenddorf (Germany), was founded in 1993 as a Bonsai center in Leipzig. The most important goal from the beginning was the cultivation of high quality bonsai raw material.

In Europe, there is little experience with it. Therefore, all techniques had to be developed independently. Most bonsai friends know: A long, arduous journey. Today we have come a good step closer to our goal. 10000 bonsai blanks with very good roots indicate that.

As a specialized bonsai dealer we have been established the bonsai retailers business via Internet since 1999. Today we send many 1000 orders annually. You can also visit us directly in Wenddorf and choose your bonsai from us.

In order to guarantee best prices, we import almost all products directly from the manufacturer. Mostly from China, Japan, Taiwan, Spain.