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Here you can buy your bonsai. This means that all bonsai are photographed individually and after ordering in our shop you will get exactly the tree that you ordered. Your bonsai will be delivered quickly and securely packaged.

News from our bonsai nursery

A container with new, handmade bonsai pots has arrived, unloaded and the pots are placed in the shop.

Worth emphasizing for the new delivery is: As often requested, we now also have large bonsai pots, up to 80cm in length.

Unfortunately, such bowls can no longer be sent in a package. We ship them on a pallet.

If you want to save on shipping, you are of course very welcome to pick them up directly in Wenddorf.

We are often asked what bonsai trees we offer in our nursery in Wenddorf.

That's why we have posted a video from our current stock on our YouTube channel.

Trees that cannot be found in the online shop can be bought directly in Wenddorf (Mon-Fri 8:00-18:00 + Sat 10:00-13:00).

Have fun watching.

What means bonsai ?

Bonsai (also bonsai tree) are trees in a bonsai pot designed using certain techniques. Bonsai consists of the two word parts Bon = pot and Sai = plant.

At the same time, bonsai means an Asian garden art to design and maintain such trees. It is mainly practiced in Japan, Korea and China.

Are bonsai dwarf trees and always small ?

The German Duden explains bonsai by saying that it is a "Japanese dwarf tree" or "the art of pulling dwarf trees practiced in Japan". The view that bonsai are small is so widespread that the word bonsai is often used as a synonym for "small". The same you can find in the Oxford dictionary: Bonsai is "the art of growing ornamental, artificially dwarfed varieties of trees and shrubs in pots."

The opinion that bonsai are small or even dwarfish is wrong and is based on the ignorance of the writers. Bonsai is above all an artistically designed tree in a pot. It has nothing to do with size - as you can see on the next pictures.

Are bonsai certain tree species or special varieties ?

Bonsai are not special tree species or varieties. Bonsai are normal trees with their specific needs. They are cultivated in bonsai pots and influenced by various techniques in shape and size. The aim is to develop a harmonious and venerable tree in a pot.

But there are tree species particularly suitable for bonsai. These usually tolerate the pruning of bonsai particularly well (e.g. Ligustrum bonsai, Azalea bonsai). There are also varieties (= cultivars) of trees which, for example, have particularly small leaves or needles (e.g. White pine varieties Zuisho and Kokonoe) and are therefore particularly suitable for bonsai design.

Bonsaischule Wenddorf

Our bonsai nursery, today located in Wenddorf (Germany), was founded in 1993 as a bonsai center in Leipzig. The most important goal from the beginning was the cultivation of high quality bonsai raw material.

In Europe, there is little experience with it. Therefore, all techniques had to be developed independently. Most bonsai friends know: A long, arduous journey. Today we have come a good step closer to our goal. 10000 bonsai blanks with very good roots indicate that.

As a specialized bonsai dealer we have been established our bonsai online shop since 1999. Today we send many 1000 orders annually. You can also visit us directly in Wenddorf and choose your bonsai from us.

In order to guarantee best prices, we import almost all products directly from the manufacturer. Mostly from China, Japan, Taiwan, Spain.