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Bonsai wire

Bonsai wire was specially developed for wiring bonsai and is an important accessory in bonsai styling. In addition to conventional wiring, it is also used to brace branches, to fix the cover grid in the bonsai pot and to bandage branches and trunks before bending.

We offer aluminum and copper wire. Aluminum bonsai wire is the first choice for the less experienced bonsai enthusiast. It can be corrected better when putting it on.

Here you can buy bonsai wire. Choose from our user-friendly packaging from 100g to 1kg. For bonsai up to 50cm, the 100g packs are usually sufficient. Wire thicknesses of 1.5 to 3.0mm aluminum wire are often purchased for trees of this size. You can select the wire sizes after opening the article

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Areas of application

  • Bonsai wire is of course mainly used for wiring in the traditional sense (i.e. wrapping the branches and then shaping them by bending)
  • Tensioning: If the branch is only to be bent downwards, bonsai wire can be used for tensioning, i.e. the branch is pulled down with a very thin wire (1mm aluminum wire) and tied to the pot (sometimes another branch, a root or in the Cultivation attached to the plastic pot).
  • Fastening the cover grids over the water holes on the bottom of the bonsai pots. Thanks to the attachment, the cover grids do not slip during repotting.
  • Wire corset when bandaging stronger branches before bending. This significantly reduces the risk of branch breakage.

The maxime of wiring a bonsai is: As little wire as possible but as much as necessary

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