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Here under bonsai accessories you will find all items which are helpful for bonsai styling and also in bonsai care.

We are often asked what is really needed. That is why we have briefly summarized the most important accessories in the following list.

Which bonsai accessories are needed often ?

Given the multitude of bonsai accessories, this is an understandable question. We recommend the following supplies for the first 2-3 years.

Watering is part of daily care. Watering cans are best for outdoor bonsai. Ball showers have proven themselves for indoor bonsai. You can use them to irrigate your trees in fine doses.

No growth without fertilizer. Therefore you have to fertilize your bonsai during the growing season. Organic bonsai fertilizers such as Biogold bonsai fertilizer, Hanagokoro or liquid bonsai fertilizers are best suited for the layperson. For azalea bonsai we recommend the azalea fertilizer from Cuxin. This is adjusted to the acidic pH of the soil.

With proper care, many species grow quickly. In order for the tree to keep its shape you have to prune the bonsai. Often several times a year. The following accessories are suitable for this:

  • Bonsai shears are one of the most important tools for pruning the crown. We recommend a wide bonsai scissors to start with. Household scissors should not be used as a substitute. Household scissors are not stable enough and crush the shoot when cutting. The wound grows together badly.
  • For removing branches concave cutter for bonsai are irreplaceable. They were developed to cut branches flush with the trunk. These bonsai pliers are very sharp. This makes the cut very smooth and heals well. The scarring is minimal. Concave pliers up to 21cm in length are sufficient for removing branches up to 1cm in diameter.
  • Similar to the concave pliers, a branch or shoot on the bonsai can be removed with the knob cutter. The round head of the knob cutter leaves a small indentation in the wood when it is cut. This grows together very well.

Some bonsai can only be created by cutting. In many cases this is not enough for styling a bonsai. You can shape your bonsai much more precisely with wiring a tree. The direction of growth of the branch can be changed by wrapping bonsai wire around a branch and then bending it. Bonsai wire made of aluminum can easily be corrected for the inexperienced when wrapping. The wire thicknesses of 1.5 to 3mm are most frequently used.

A wire cutter for bonsai is mainly needed to remove the wire. Due to the specific design of the rounded head of the wire cutters, you can cut the bonsai wire from the branch without leaving any major wounds.

Deciduous trees have to be repotted every 3 years, conifers every 5 years. To repot a bonsai tree you need a suitable bonsai soil. Akadama is suitable for most trees. Kiryuzuna is good for pine bonsai and juniper. Azaleas need an acidic substrate like Kanuma.

Root hooks and root claws are very helpful when repotting. You can remove the bonsai soil between the roots. This is important because part of the old bonsai soil should be replaced when repotting.

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