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Bonsai pot 9x9x6cm white other shape glaced

  • SKU: S09-910-W
7,50 €
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Bonsai pot 9x9x6cm white other shape glaced
7,50 €
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs (Paketversand)

Bonsai pot, slip cast made (glaced, white, other shape) with the size of: 9cm length, 9cm width, 6cm height. Solid standard quality made in the famous pottery town Yixing.

This bonsai pot is slip cast made and is primarily used for potting indoor bonsai trees.

Length: 9cm
Width: 9cm
Height: 6cm
Height of the bonsai pot (Inside): 4.5cm

Glace: Glaced
Color: White (Due to the nature of the glaze, the color may have slight variations according to the photo)
Shape: Other shape

Drainage holes: Available. Good drainage reduces root damage (root rot).

Production method: The body of this slip cast bonsai pot was created with the help of a plaster mould. After drying it was burned in a tunnel kiln at a temperature of 1100°C.
Material: Liquid clay from Yixing

If not differently declared the length data are outside dimensions. Due to the manufacturing process, the actual size of each bonsai pot may vary by 1-2cm.

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