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Bonsai pot 25,5x20,5x8,5cm light grey rectangular glaced

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Item currently out of stock
Bonsai pot 25,5x20,5x8,5cm light grey rectangular glaced
Item currently out of stock

Bonsai pot (Glaced, Light grey-yellow-brown, Rectangular), handmade, with the size of: 25,5cm length, 20,5cm width, 8,5cm height.

Quality: Very high-quality handwork (brand: Dot Pot Ceramics, potter: Paulina Kilijanek, unique piece with no.05 from 2023).
Purpose: This pot is fired tightly and does not absorb any water. As a result, it is frost-resistant and is preferably used for potting outdoor bonsai.

Length: 25,5cm
Width: 20,5cm
Height: 8,5cm
Height of the bonsai pot (Inside): 6,5cm

Glace: Glaced
Color: Light grey-yellow-brown
Shape: Rectangular

Drainage holes: Available. Good drainage reduces root damage (root rot).
Wire Holes: Available. Enable a good fixation of the root ball when repotting. As a result, the bonsai grows better.

Production method: The main body of this bonsai pot was built freehand from clay plates (Slab technique, Tatara). Than the raw body was smoothed acurately by hand. During drying it was corrected several times. After drying, the bonsai pot was biscuit-fired at around 900°C. The glaze + oxide was applied before the 2nd firing at approx. 1200-1220°C (FAN). Due to the high temperature in the kiln, the pot is fired tightly (the ceramic no longer absorbs water) and is frost-resistant.
Material: Own mixture of special types of clay from german manufacturers

If not differently declared the length data are outside dimensions.

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