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Japanese white pine, Bonsai, 45 years, 64cm

  • Numer katalogowy: OPINPAR451-05
940,00 €
w tym 7% VAT , plus wysyłkę (Paketversand)
  • Czas dostawy: 1 - 2 Dni robocze Zagranica

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Japanese white pine, Bonsai, 45 years, 64cm
940,00 €
w tym 7% VAT , plus wysyłkę (Paketversand)

45 years old Japanese white pine in a bonsai pot. This tree is approx. 64cm high and was imported directly from a japanese bonsai nursery.

The Japanese white pine (botanically Pinus parviflora, syn. Pinus pentaphylla, Family Pines - Pinaceae) is an evergreen conifer with 5 needles. It is widespread in Japan, reaching heights of growth up to 20m.

The gray bark is particularly in elderly Japanese white pine bonsai very attractive.

The white pine loves heat in summer and these bonsai are very light hungry. On a sunny location it grows fine.

The Japanese white pine bonsai preferred a well-drained, nutrient-rich substrate. The combination of Akadama as a substrate with an organic fertilizer is fine.

This species is one of the most favorite bonsai trees.

When ordering, you will always get the bonsai displayed on the picture (no. 451-05).

Important note on the size: A bonsai is a tree in a bonsai pot. For this reason the size of the bonsai is in every case the size with the bonsai pot.

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