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Large bonsai, solitaires

Under Large bonsai, solitaires you will find hardy bonsai, especially from our Japanese imports. As outdoor bonsai, they tolerate sub-zero temperatures without problems and should not be kept in the apartment as indoor bonsai.

We select the trees directly in Japan in autumn (see video below) and they reach us the following spring. After an import inspection by the German plant protection organisation, most species (e.g. azalea bonsai, all maple bonsai) can be sold immediately or after several months of quarantine (pine bonsai, juniper bonsai).

You can buy your bonsai here. Most bonsai solitaires are shown in the shop with a 360° video. You will receive exactly the bonsai you ordered in the shop. Safely packed.

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Video of our imports

We select our bonsai solitaires individually in various export nurseries around Tokyo, Yokohama and Takamatsu. The 1st video shows impressions from one of the nurseries we visited. In the 2nd video you can see some of the azalea bonsai we bought.

Have fun watching.

Bonsai import Japan - Impressions

Impressions from a Japanese export nursery where we buy regularly


Bonsai import Japan 2019 - Azalea bonsai

Some of the Satzuki azaleas we bought in Japan

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