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Fern pine, Bonsai, 12 years, 56cm

  • SKU: IPODMAC121-08
Item currently out of stock
Fern pine, Bonsai, 12 years, 56cm
Item currently out of stock

12 years old fern pine in a bonsai pot. This tree is approx. 56cm high and we deliver it with a saucer plate.

The fern pine (Buddhist pine, Chinese yew, Japanese yew, Kusamaki, botanical Podocarpus macrophyllus, family Podocarpaceae) is originated in Japan and China and is held as an indoor or semi hard outdoor bonsai. In nature it grows up to 20m.

It produces yew like purple Fruits. New foliage comes in a light green color that turns darker with age.

A fern pine bonsai can be kept as an indoor bonsai. In this case it prefers a bright position and does well in direct sunlight.

In mild climate the Podacarpus bonsai can be kept as an outdoor bonsai in shade or partial sun, preferring direct sunlight.

It is mildly frost resistant. Frosts down to -3°C over a short period of time are tolerated.

When ordering, you will always get the bonsai displayed on the picture (no. 121-08).

Important note on the size: A bonsai is a tree in a bonsai pot. For this reason the size of the bonsai is in every case the size with the bonsai pot.

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