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Pot drip trays

Bonsai pot drip trays are important and useful for your indoor bonsai. Almost all bonsai pots have holes in the bottom for drainage. These drainage holes are important to drain excess water. So you can avoid root problems. The drip trays will protect the surface of your furniture, windowsill etc. No more damage by feeding water.

We offer drip trays for our bonsai ceramic bonsai pots up to 30cm lenght. For larger bonsai pots and our plastic bonsai pots, we offer brown and dark brown, rectangular Bonsai drip trays up to 50cm.

Subtropical Indoor bonsai need a higher humidity. To increase the humidity, you can fill the Bonsai drip trays with pumice gravel and water (see pictures below). This will create a constant humid environment for the bonsai tree and it also looks quite decorative.

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